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Fund Raising Target : NGN 1 000 000 000 DONATE NOW

We are not ignorant of how the Foursquare Organization has commendably taken the burden of financing the University. We at the McPherson University Fundraising Committee are thankful to God, the General overseer and the entire leadership of the church for funding the establishment of the university.

The plan of achieving the fundraising target is within the period of 18 months. We have great faith in the plan and by the grace of God, we see this plan as being very feasible and achievable.


  • Infrastructural development
  • Purchase of equipments
  • Construction of buildings
  • Scholarship for Foursquare nominated Students
  • Purchase of motor vehicles
  • General running of the University
    For a university like McPherson to come up with a billion naira fund, we agree that the best option is that it should have partners who will be registered with the university. The requirement to become a partner depends on the individual's choice and ability to key into the vision of McPherson University and support this vision. The registration fee is ten thousand naira (10 000 NGN) per annum, which could be paid in installments. In return for this registration fee a partner's kit will be given to the partner. This partners kit and other benefit will include the following:

  • Infrastructural development
  • Lapels
  • Partnership card which will be renewable once a year on payment of the registration fee
  • Journals and other souvenirs will be given
  • Periodic reports on the university
  • Annual special partners service (with the general overseer as chief minister)
  • Partners care at major events of the church
  • An annual directory of partners

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